Frozen Vegetables

Whole Porcini

Whole porcini of the best choice, clean and selected are then frozen to keep smell and taste intact. They are excellent to be enjoyed as a condiment for pasta and risotto or simply as a side dish.

5 x 1g per case

Mixed with 10% Porcino

Rich blend of carefully selected cultivated and spontaneous mushrooms, enhanced with Porcini mushrooms that give the mix a strong flavor. They are ideal for soups, stuffed with fresh pasta and savory pies.

6 x 1kg per case


Asparagus of the best quality, genuine and clean, carefully selected, blanched and frozen to maintain characteristics and taste. Ready for immediate use as a fresh product, they are suitable for risottos, pasta and side dishes or simply in the classic boiled version with eggs


Sweet Service artichokes are high quality products, they have a sweet taste and a compact and tender consistency; they are clean and cut and therefore ready for use and in practical packaging. They are excellent as a side dish or as a condiment for pasta and risotto.